Bird inventory

At Macaw Mountain we take our responsibility seriously and we house, care for and feed our birds at a very high standard. This is a commitment to which we are personally devoted. We believe the diligent care we offer these impressive wild creatures sends an important message that these species are indeed regional treasures. Our birds provide visitors a nearly complete reference of the parrots and toucans found in Honduras as well as the chance to interact directly with the birds.

We currently have around 350 birds in the park from more than 30 different species, many of which are endangered. The list below contains more information about the most important ones. Come and visit us!

Support us

The majority of our birds have been rescued from the illegal bird trade or donated by individuals concerned for their condition or unable to care for them long-term. Many people acquire a tropical bird as part of a tropical lifestyle, without realizing that Amazon parrots may live for 50 to 60 years in captivity and the larger macaws may surpass 100. When owners understand how much attention these intelligent creatures need and just how long the relationship may last, we often have another donation. We are also entrusted regularly with the care for birds seized in confiscations

Our dedicated staff do their very best to nurse them back to health while providing them with a safe and caring environment. That is a lot of work, and unfortunately the proceeds of the park only cover part of our expenses. Find out how to support our work!