Jamaican parakeet
Eupsittula nana


  • Nombre científico:

    Eupsittula nana

  • Familia:


  • Género:


  • Especie:


  • Nombres comunes:

    Olive-throated parakeet, Jamaican parakeet


  • Morfología:

    20 to 26 cm long. Green color, with olive color breast and tip of wings blue. Ocular witheish ring without feathers. Beak is bone and gray colored and feet have a pink gray tone. Has long tail.

  • Reproducción:

    Nests in the termite-infested trees or in natural tree cavities. Lay 3 to 6 eggs.

  • Dieta:

    Feed from seeds, fruits, legumes leaves and flowers. Can be seen eating in trees and corn fields as well as in other crop fields.


  • territorio:

    Vastly distributed through Central America (from Mexico to Panama) and some Caribbean Islands (Cayman Islands, Jamaica and The Hispaniola).

  • Habitat:

    Extended in wooded hills, mountain slopes, bushes, fields and gardens in wetlands or semi-arid areas from sea level up to mid elevation forest.


  • Furtive hunting at a small scale for mascot purposes as well as for food or pest control in crop fields

    Risk category: IUCN Red list: Near Threatened.