Tyto Alba


  • Scientific name:

    Tyto Alba

  • Family:


  • Genus:


  • Species:


  • Common names:



  • Morphology:

    Barn-owls have a length between 33 and 35 cm, an 80 to 95 cm wingspan and an average weight of 350 gr. They have a heart-shaped face which is usually bright white, rounded wings and a short tail. The back and head of the bird are a light brown with variable black and white spots, while the underside is a grayish white. These birds have a structure in the tip of the wings that works as a silencer during flights, making them virtually noise free.

  • Reproduction:

    Nests in areas and zones built by men such as barns, warehouses, silos, ruins, steeples. When far from mankind, it nests in hollow tree trunks. They reproduce year round, incubation takes about 32 days, female focuses on the chicks while the male hunts for food. The owlets leave the nest after about 3 months.

  • Diet:

    They feed on small mammals like mice, rats, shrews and sometimes small birds and insects. Their bone digestion is poor, and they regurgitate owl pellets (undigested bone and hair fragments).


  • Range:

    Lives around the world except in Canada, Alaska and other cold parts near the hemispheres.

  • Habitat:

    Urban areas, crop fields and open forests.


  • IUCN Red List: Least concern.