Red-lored amazon
Amazona autumnalis


  • Nombre científico:

    Amazona autumnalis

  • Familia:


  • Género:


  • Especie:


  • Nombres comunes:

    Red-lored amazon, Red-front amazon, yellow-cheek parrot


  • Morfología:

    from 32 to 35 cm length, the plumage is basically Green with red forehead and yellow cheeks (sometimes with red spots) The crown of the head is blue or purple and wide

  • Reproducción:

    Red Lored amazons are mature sexually at about 4 years. They normally nest in tree cavities depositing 3 – 4 eggs.

  • Dieta:

    includes fruits, seeds and nuts


  • territorio:

    From Eastern Mexico South through Central America to North Western Venezuela and to the Gulf of Guayaquil in Ecuador.

  • Habitat:

    They inhabit humid evergreen and semidecidous forests up to 1100 meters above sea level. They also are found in semi – open areas with isolated trees or small patches of forest.


  • Deforestation and trafficking. In the past (30 years) large numbers of Red Loreds were exported to the USA but most capture now in for the local pet trade. Risk Category: IUCN Red List: Low level of concern.