Mealy Parrot
Amazona guatemalae


  • Scientific name:

    Amazona guatemalae

  • Family:


  • Genus:


  • Species:


  • Common names:

    Mealy parrot, green parrot


  • Morphology:

    Mealy parrots are one of the largest of the Amazona parrots, they measure approximately 38 to 40 cm in length and have an average weight of 540 to 700 g. Mealy parrots are mainly green with a crown of blue and violet feathers on the head. One way to discern mealy parrots from other Amazona parrots is the tail, which consists of two distinct tones: green and yellowish green.

  • Reproduction:

    Once sexually mature, mealy parrots will choose one partner for life. Breeding normally ranges from November to March. They nest in natural tree cavities and lay about 2 to 3 eggs. Eggs are incubated for about 4 weeks. The offspring are ready to leave the nest after a period of about 8 weeks.

  • Diet:

    Mealy parrots feed mostly on plant parts, including seeds, fruits, nuts, blossoms, and leaf buds.


  • Range:

    Mealy parrots are found in Mexico and Central and South America, occupying a wide range from southern Mexico to northern Bolivia and southern Brazil. They are most common in Costa Rica and Panama, particularly on the Caribbean coast.

  • Habitat:

    Mealy parrots inhabit dense, humid lowland rainforests near clearings but also populate wooded areas in savannas.


  • Deforestation and illegal trafficking for the pet trade. IUCN Red List: Near threatened.