Frequently asked questions

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Where can I find the practical information for a visit to the park?

All information about our business hours, how to get here, amenities at the park, tickets and admission prices can be found under the “Visit us” section.

Why are you keeping birds in cages at the park?

We refer to those as aviaries, not cages. Our aviaries are spacious and the plants inside create a more natural environment for our birds.

While we would absolutely prefer to see all our birds roaming free, keeping them in aviaries during the rehabilitation process ensures that we can give them proper care until the moment that they are ready to be released.

For some of our birds that day will never come unfortunately. Due to the state they were in when they arrived at the park they will never be able to survive in the wild.

I have a parrot that I want to donate, what can I do?

We are happy to learn that you wish to donate your bird to one of our programs to help us in our conservation efforts!

In order to make your donation, please contact us and let us know what species of bird and how many of them you wish to donate. We will also need your full name, ID number and location, as well as general information about the condition of your bird(s):

  • How long have you had them?
  • How did you come about acquiring them?
  • Why do you wish to donate them?

Once we have all that information, we will send you an “Acceptance Letter” which you will need to take to the nearest ICF office. There you will be given a transfer permit (L. 300) to bring your bird to Copan Ruinas. Thit permit is valid for the exact date of the transfer only, so please make sure you have everything ready! If you are unable to bring your bird to our park, let us know so we can figure something out.

What do you feed the birds with?

The bird’s diet is a combination of fruits, vegetables and seeds. We also have a supplement of vitamins and proteins. Our birds of prey eat a combination of meat and other protein supplements

Where do the birds of the bird park come from?

Most of the birds from our park come from private donations that have the birds as pets. Others come from confiscations executed by the Environment office of the Public Ministry in collaboration with ICF.

I would like to adopt or sponsor one of your birds, is that possible?

At this time we do not offer genuine bird adoptions or sponsoring opportunities for individual birds because such arrangements could subject us to certain legal constraints and lead to extra accounting overhead.

However, you are most welcome to support us with a general donation which would benefit our park at large and our projects for rescue, rehabilitation and restoration of bird populations in the Copán valley and around Honduras.