Yellow-eared toucanet
Selenidera spectabilis


  • Scientific name:

    Selenidera spectabilis

  • Family:


  • Genus:


  • Species:


  • Common names:

    Yellow-eared toucanet


  • Morphology:

    Has a relatively large beak with a black basal line. The upper mandible is olive / Brown to blackish with the upper portion a yellowish green. Skin around the eye is fluorescent green bright yellow below. It is distinguished from other toucanets by its greater size and a beak without any red.

  • Reproduction:

    Nest are in tree cavities and they lay 2 – 4 eggs

  • Diet:

    Principally a variety of fruits but they occasionally eat insects or small vertebrates.


  • Range:

    From the Honduran Miskito Coast in the Eastern part of the country south through Central America to western central Colombia and North Western Ecuador

  • Habitat:

    Humid forest between sea level 1000 of altitude


  • Destruction of Habitat is the most important factor. In Honduras trafficking of this species is minimal due to its remote location in the Miskito area. Risk Category: IUCN Red list low worry factor