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Scarlet Macaw Project: Caring for the National Bird at The Copan Archaeological Park

The Scarlet Macaw is the National Bird of Honduras. The Park has initiated a collaborative Scarlet Macaw Care Project with officials at the Copan Archaeological Park, a U.S. private foundation, and a Honduran non-governmental organization to better care for a group of 15 to 20 scarlet macaws living as pets on the archaeological park grounds.


The original birds were intercepted at the border as they were being illegally exported and now reside at the park as property of the state. Their wings are clipped, some pick at their feathers, their colors are not vibrant and yet they are breeding and members of the staff of the Institute of Anthropology and History want to learn how to better care for these impressive birds.


"Picture a scarlet macaw:

a fierce, full meter of royal red feathers head to tail, a soldier's rainbow-colored epaulets, a skeptic's eye staring out from a naked white face, a beak that takes no prisoners."

-Barbara Kingsolver,

Seeing Scarlet