Our Park

Macaw Mountain offers first-class facilities in a beautiful natural setting.

U.S. design and attention to detail combined with Honduras’ natural beauty create an extraordinary experience in Central America.

The Park is wheelchair accessible and two sets of attractive bathrooms easily serve large groups.

Our open encounter areas give you a unique opportunity to interact with a variety of tropical birds.

Our large flight aviaries comfortably house our tropical birds and offer you an almost-in-the-wild way of bird viewing.

We also invite you to our historic coffee roasting house. This roasting house has an elevated wooden deck in the tree canopy where you can enjoy a freshly ground cup of our handpicked 100% high grown Arabica. The historic structure was carefully moved from our highland coffee farm, Finca Miramundo.

Inside this heritage façade, your coffee is roasted on a period Turkish roaster (left). Modern Swiss machines deliver delicious cappuccinos and espressos.

Our famous natural bathing pool is a welcome retreat on a tropical afternoon. Reminiscent of old-time Southern swimming holes in Tennessee and the Carolinas, this pool offers a clean, clear dip in a beautiful, tree-lined river.

Visitors tour the Park on our network of nature trails and elevated viewing decks. These trails offer a safe and attractive way to see the whole park; numerous decks offer time for relaxing pauses or for wild bird watching.

Our gift shop is stocked with unique items for nature, bird and coffee lovers. Take home hand-carved wooden birds, unique creations by local artists, t-shirts, caps, photographs, books, toys and assorted bags of our premium coffee.

Macaw Mountain is the perfect place to host a special event.

2.5 Km (1.5mi) north from the central park of the town. On the road to Agua Caliente

You can buy tickets at many places in Copan Ruins, ask the receptionist at your hotel for more information or buy them directly at the park when you visit us.

We are open every day of the year

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

(504) 2651 – 4245


Copan Ruinas, Honduras