How can you be involved at the Park?

Macaw Mountain wishes to establish and maintain contact with individuals and organizations interested in visiting our birds and/or in helping with future conservation and educational efforts in this region.

We believe the Park is a significant addition to both eco-tourism and eco-awareness in Honduras and will serve as a catalyst for conservation efforts in Honduras and Central America in general. We wish to connect effectively with museums, zoological parks, botanical gardens, bird organizations, sanctuaries, and conservation groups to expand our informational resources and develop partnerships for projects in Central America.

Additionally, Macaw Mountain provides a very complete base camp or research center for any conservation project and offers a wealth of practical operational experience in this part of the world

How can I help?

You can contribute with time as a volunteer or you can make a monetary donation to one of our programs


Contact us and tell us about your experience and what area interests you and how would you like to help out. It would be helpful if you have your CV on hand.

We also have programs for internships for the following áreas:


For Donations:

You can make a financial donation to our bank in Honduras, contact us for details

Donations from abroad can be made possible through the World Parrot Trust (link  and specify that it is for the Macaw Mountain Bird Park in Honduras.