Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the entrance fee to the Bird Park?

General entrance fee is of L. 230 / USD 10.00 Children 4 – 11 pay 50% off.

Children over 11 years old pay full Price.

  • Rate is subject to change. Ask for our specials and group rates for national tourists

Where are you located?

We are located 2 kilometers north of the central park in Copan Ruins, Honduras. You can reach us via “Tuk Tuks”, (taxis) which is a fun way to travel all around Copan.

What are your business hours?

We open every day and tickets are available from 8:00AM a 4:00PM. The park closes at 5:00PM and the tour takes about 45min.

I have a parrot that I want to donate, what can I do?

R/ We are happy you wish to donate your bird to one of our programs and conservations efforts. In order to make your donation, you first need to contact us and let us know what type of bird (and how many) and give us your full name, ID number and location, as well as general information about your bird (how long have you had it how did you come about acquiring it and why do you wish to donate it.

Once we have that information, we will send you an “Acceptance Letter”, which you have to take to the neareast ICF office, where they will give you a transfer permit so you can bring your bird to Copan (L. 300). That permit is valid for the exact date of the transfer, so make sure you have everything ready! If you cannot bring your bird to our park, let us know so we can figure something out.

What do you feed the birds with?

The bird’s diet is a combination of fruits, vegetables and seeds. We also have a supplement of vitamins and proteins. Our birds of prey eat a combination of meat and other protein supplements

Where do the birds of the bird park come from?

R/ Most of the birds from our park come from private donations that have the birds as pets. Others come from confiscations executed by the Environment office of the Public Ministry in collaboration with ICF (link al website