Adopt a resident mascot at Macaw Mountain!

Unfortunately, many of the birds that we receive are clinging to life when they arrive at our sanctuary. Most of our birds are rescued from the illegal bird trade and had been living in poor conditions with ill-equipped and often-times careless owners. Our dedicated and loving staff nurse these birds back to health while providing them with a safe and caring environment. Some of these birds, because of their condition, age, or both are unable to be released back into the wild. For this reason, they become our official mascots at Macaw Mountain. These Macaw Mountain mascots are the hope for future generations of endangered birds here in Honduras! Many of our mascots eventually become breeding pairs whose offspring become prime candidates for our "Flying-for-Freedom" project! Adopt one of our mascots and ensure that future generations of these endangered birds take flight in Honduras!

It costs as little as about $1 a day to support one of our birds or $365 for an entire year. All donations are tax-deductible and 100% of the proceeds go directly towards supporting your chosen bird. Of course, all sizes of contributions are appreciated! We will regularly keep you posted on the progress of your bird up until and including its release back into the wild! Visit our support page for more general information regarding the mission and vision of our recover, rehabilitate and release program! Many thanks for all of your support!

Yellow-naped parrot
Amazona Auropalliata

Polly is one of our most well known mascots. You may remember her friendly greetings as you arrived and departed from our park. She is a rescued parrot who has been with us since 1991! Polly is one of the oldest birds in the park, who happily sits at our entrance greeting visitors, sometimes with a song or laughter. She can also be moody and will occasionally bite. So watch your fingers!

Various sub-species of the yellow-headed amazon live in Central America. Polly is a rarem Bay-Islands sub-species, the Yellow-Naped Amazon, typified by her white beak. Polly is our representitive of this species at the park, but we also care for 38 more like her.  Support Polly and other Yellow-naped Amazons at Macw Mountain!

Scarlet Macaw
Ara Macao

Agua was confiscated in 2015 because she was treated very badly by her previous owners.  She was suffering from stress and has a severed wing.  The Macaw mountain family took her in and she is doing very good now.  She fully recovered from her stress, but unfortunately she will never fly again due to her wing.

Agua is on of 69 scarlet macaws at Macaw mountain. Support the scarlet macaws at Macaw Mountain by adopting one of these beautiful birds!

Keel-billed Toucan
Ramphastos Sulfuratus

Alex came to the park with his buddy Sully in 2014. Sully flew away, but Alex stuck around!  If you keep your eyes open, you’ll definitely catch a glimpse of this beautiful Toucan!

Keel-billed Toucans are very social birds and usually can be spotted from Southern Mexico to Venezuela and Colombia.  Did you know that the beak looks heavy, but is a light honeycombed structure?

We host 11 Toucans here at Macaw Mountain.  Help us keep them well fed by adopting Alex or one of his buddies!

Buffon's Macaw
Ara Ambiguus

Buffy is one of the oldest birds in the park.  Due to her broken wing, she cannot fly anymore, but she loves to be in your pictures!  She is really calm, but sometimes, this Great Green Macaw has an attitude.  Even though she is hungry, she won’t eat when someone is around.

The Buffon’s Macaw is an endangered species which lives in the Mosquitia rain forest.  Macaw Mountain cares for 18 of these birds, adopt one today!

Blue and Gold Macaw
Ara Ararauna

Missy is a very sweet bird, but she can change her attitude depending on the person she’s with.  Missy can fly up, but she’s afraid to come down again.  When you dance in front of her, she’ll wiggle her head.  She isn’t trained to do that but she is very intelligent.  Watch out for your clothes, because she’ll probably try to make a ole in them!

The Blue & Gold Macaw lives south from Panama.  We have 5 Blue & Gold’s her at Macaw Mountain.  Help us by adopting Missy or one of her friends!

White-crowned parrot
Pionus senilis

Baby Chindo didn’t have a father, so Myuri (one of our loving trainers) took care of him.  Chindo is very protective of his territory and will be aggressive if necessary.  Otherwise, he can be very kind.  For some reason, Chindo loves sitting on shoulders.  Whenever someone holds him, he crawls up towards their shoulder.

The White-Crowned Parrot lives from Mexico to Panama and usually lives in flocks.  By adopting one of these birds here at Macaw Mountain, you’re not only supporting Chindo but his other 10 white crowned friends here at the park!



By adopting a "freedom flyer" at Macaw Mountain, you are ensuring that your selected bird will once again fly freely in its natural environment. Your donation will go towards its nourishment, care and rehabilitation at our park as it gains the strength, skills and confidence necessary to thrive in the wild. Our release programs are carefully organized to ensure the success and survival of our birds upon their liberation. We work together closely with Honduran Institutions and private landowners to prepare ideal sites where our birds can comfortably adapt and reintegrate into their new, natural environments. Although our Scarlet Macaws are the primary focus of our release program, we also rescue, rehabilitate, and release other species of parrots, toucans, and birds of prey.

Donate towards our free flyer liberation program to support our conservation and re population efforts of endangered bird species in Honduras!